Boris Karloff & Vincent Price’s Guacamole Recipes

With the spooky season in full swing, I was delighted to be a part of Karie Bible’s Hollywood Kitchen Guacamole Smackdown. Hollywood Kitchen recreates the recipes of Hollywood stars, with recipes located from old cookbooks, movie magazines, family recipes, and more. In this episode, Bible orchestrated a celebratory competition that honored two horror icons–Boris Karloff and Vincent Price–by putting their guacamole recipes to the test.

Interestingly, each recipe had an ingredient or two that differentiated it from traditional guacamole recipes. Karloff’s included sherry while Price’s necessitated mayonnaise and Worchestershire sauce.

While both results passed the taste test, in my opinion, Price’s reigned victorious. To view the full episode of Hollywood Kitchen, visit the Hollywood Kitchen YouTube page here:

Best of all, like the films of these two horror stars, their guacamole recipes can be enjoyed at any time of year.