This Was Hollywood

The Golden Age of Hollywood sings in Carla Valderrama’s This Was Hollywood: Forgotten Stars & Stories. This small tome is jam-packed with information about some of Hollywood’s most intriguing film legends who have since faded into obscurity. Valderrama delves into interviews and archival research to make their stories shine again, presenting their tales in several fascinating chapters.

Drawing upon the early days of the film industry on to the powerhouse days of the studio system, Valderrama discusses the lives of stars on-screen and off, in addition to film successes and flops, child stars and adult actors, and even animal stars who made their own pawprints upon the industry.

Valderrama is the creator of the @ThisWasHollywood Instagram. As engaging as her social media output, This Was Hollywood is also brimming with an assortment of beautiful photographs to supplement her prose, in addition to the inclusion of new interviews and research to help illuminate her stories.

This Was Hollywood is available for purchase through Running Press and is a must-read for classic film fans.