Nazimova: A Biography

Russian-born actress, director, and producer Alla Nazimova was a woman of many achievements who is not often discussed today. She was instrumental in bringing Stanislavksy and Chekov to American theater and was also a regular performer on stage and screen.

In Nazimova: A Biography, author Gavin Lambert consults with Nazimova’s unpublished memories, letters, and notes in order to write a fascinating account of her life, true to her perspective. In addition to depictions of her forthcoming nature regarding a career in the theater, Lambert also relates her film career and impact as one of the highest-paid actresses of the Silent Era and one of the first to develop the image of the foreign sophisticate. Moreover, her off-screen endeavors are also explored, such as her work in writing, directing, and producing her own films.

Behind the scenes, Nazimova also had a highly complicated and dramatic personal life with tensions among her family, friends, and an assortment of lovers. Lambert offers a worthy portrayal of Nazimova as a complicated, glamorous, and notable woman, filled with determination.

Nazimova: A Biography is available for purchase via the University Press of Kentucky.