Lost in the Dark

The horror genre is one that has fascinated audiences all over the world for over a century. Depicted in various forms of art and expression, it is no surprise that horror has also been explored in films through many creative and innovative ways. These macabre tales, memorable characters, and haunting plots have terrified audiences around the globe–and continue to do so.

Brad Weismann’s Lost in the Dark: A World History of Horror Film is a fine endeavor in recounting the global impact of horror films, as well as educating readers about their history. Published by University Press of Mississippi, it acts as a fine guide to the genre and functions as a worth reference text. Weismann takes readers through the genre’s beginnings in the silent era and brings readers through to modern-day achievements and installations in the genre.

Along the way, Weismann also discusses expressions of horror in other art forms. He also places horror in the greater context of film history, examining how it was influenced by international achievements and the dismantling of American censorship.

By far one of the most popular genres, Weismenn’s text is an exemplary depiction of the importance and history of the genre and is a must-read for any horror fan.

Lost in the Dark: A World History of Horror Film is available for purchase via the University Press of Mississippi.