Sylvia Sidney’s Cherry Pudding

Actress Sylvia Sidney is best remembered for her roles in Pre Code films, such as Merrily We Go to Hell (1932), among many others. While her films are quite enjoyable, so too is her recipe for cherry pudding!

With this particular recipe, I expected to yield a creamy, spoonable pudding; however, looking at the recipe and noting the inclusion of breadcrumbs, I realized that this would actually be more of a bread pudding instead.

Additionally, I wound up halving this recipe, so that it would be a more manageable amount for me to enjoy. It was very easy to put together and bake. I baked it for roughly 20 minutes at 350 degrees F, but look for air bubbles at the top of the dough and nicely browned edges.

The final product was light and fluffy, with the tart cherries mixing in nicely with the sweetness of the bread-based “pudding.” I would recommend serving this warm and complementing it with a scoop of ice cream.