TCM Film Festival 2022 Day 4

Before I knew it, it was already the last day of TCMFF. Knowing that I would be spending much of my evening in screenings and at the after-party, I took some time to sightsee and reconnect with fellow TCM friends. I made a stop at the beloved Larry Edmunds Bookshop, where I happened to encounter George Stevens, Jr. He was setting up for a book signing of My Place in the Sun: Life in the Golden Age of Hollywood and Washington, after having introduced Giant (1956) during the TCMFF lineup. I had recently reviewed a copy of his book and took a moment to chat with him and congratulate him on all of the amazing work he has done. He was so kind to sign a copy for me.

The Pajama Game (1957):

My first screening of the day was The Pajama Game (1957), starring Doris Day. April 3, 2022, would have been her centennial, so it was nice to see TCMFF pay tribute to her. As it turns out, TCM Host Eddie Muller is a big Day fan, and provided a fun introduction to this light, musical film.

7th Heaven (1927):

My most anticipated screening of the day was none other than the silent film 7th Heaven (1927), starring Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell. This stunning film was introduced by TCM Host Eddie Muller and made all the more special with live accompaniment by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra. While I adore silent films and have viewed many with live organ accompaniment, I never had the pleasure of viewing a silent film with a full orchestra giving life to the score. The Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra made this beautiful, emotional film’s score absolutely sing and complement the heart-wrenching plot. The orchestra uses historic libraries of music to select and fit the music for each scene of the film, using the original techniques of silent film orchestras.

The Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra was formed in 1989 by Rodney Sauer in Colorado, and has since scored over 140 silent films and recorded over 40 film scores for commercial releases and screenings. Moreover this was one of three film roles that helped Janet Gaynor secure her Academy Award for Best Actress, making her the first actress to win the award upon the start of the Academy Awards ceremony. The exceptional cinematography and gorgeous music made this an extremely noteworthy event at TCMFF, and was a perfect way to bring TCMFF to a close for me.

Afterwards, I attended the TCMFF after-party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, bidding fond farewells to so many dear TCM friends. It was lovely to take some time to snap some final photos and chat about the amazing TCMFF experience we had and to try and patiently wait for what promises to be another wonderful TCMFF in 2023.