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“I just got through crying a little while ago…when I look back at those days, I think (the movies were) better then…We’ve been taught a fallacy over the years. I don’t know who taught it to us, but it’s that everything big and new is good and everything small and old is bad. That is just not true. I want to commend the sentiments and the energy and the ideals of (those) gathered here today to preserve what was good about what is now old.” -Buddy Ebsen

My name is Annette Bochenek, and I am an ardent admirer of the written word. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Middle/Secondary Education from Butler University (with a Spanish minor), and a Master’s degree in English Literature from Loyola University Chicago. Currently, I am pursuing a second Master’s degree in Library and Information Science through the University of Alabama and a PhD in Library and Information Science from Dominican University, in order to get closer to my dream of working as an archivist and preserving items related to Golden Age Hollywood and film history. I work as a Digital Services Advisor at a five-star library, and as a high school English teacher, while also teaching film and hosting a classic film series. More recently, I was featured on Turner Classic Movies, to co-introduce a film alongside Ben Mankiewicz.

While I do hold a clear passion for literature, I also consider myself to be an independent scholar of Hollywood’s Golden Age. I have presented original research at conferences across the nation, which have subsequently allowed me to also explore places of significance to the genre of classic film.

One of my favorite pastimes includes discovering the hometowns of Hollywood legends. I think it’s safe to say that not every future star had a life of glitz and glamour from the very beginning. Rather, some of the larger-than-life icons of the screen came from more modest means and humble beginnings. I feel that studying the lives of eventual celebrities and walking the same streets that they had graced in days gone by ultimately makes these figures more accessible, relatable, and overall human.

I invite you to read of my adventures as I encounter them, and to share any information you deem fit. I know that I am certainly not the only classic film fan out there!

All the Best,


Do you love to read about classic cinema? If so, I welcome you to see what else I’ve written via my Publications page.


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