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“I just got through crying a little while ago…when I look back at those days, I think (the movies were) better then…We’ve been taught a fallacy over the years. I don’t know who taught it to us, but it’s that everything big and new is good and everything small and old is bad. That is just not true. I want to commend the sentiments and the energy and the ideals of (those) gathered here today to preserve what was good about what is now old.” -Buddy Ebsen

My name is Annette Bochenek and I am a film historian and perpetual scholar of Hollywood’s Golden Age. One of my favorite pastimes includes exploring the hometowns of Hollywood legends. Not every star came from a background of glitz and glamour; rather; instead, some of the larger-than-life icons of the screen came from more modest means and humble beginnings. Since the lives of many actors and actresses are well documented from their Hollywood careers onward, I find it fascinating to examine their lives prior to this time. I focus upon places of relevance to them during their early days, while also researching how their legacies are celebrated in their hometowns and beyond.

I immensely enjoy studying the lives of eventual celebrities and walking the same streets that they had graced in days gone by. To me, these travels make classic Hollywood stars more accessible, relatable, and human. Moreover, each journey affords me with added knowledge and respect for these individuals and their histories.

I invite you to read of my adventures as I encounter them, and to share any information you deem fit. I know that I am certainly not the only classic film fan out there!

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