Robert Riskin

There is much to be said about legendary screenwriter Robert Riskin. A Hollywood pioneer and highly gifted screenwriter of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Riskin was a man of many accomplishments. In addition to screenwriting, he was a producer and director, eventually founding his own film company. He would go on to aid in founding the Screen Writers Guild.

When World War II came about, Riskin turned to propaganda filmmaking working in the Office of War Information and overseeing the development of films and documentaries in foreign theaters. In his work, Riskin emphasized the portrayal of a complicated, multifaceted, and culturally diverse United States, grounded in values that focused upon the common good.

In Robert Riskin, The Life and Times of a Hollywood Screenwriter, Ian Scott discusses the life and achievements of Riskin and his many different career moves. Showcasing Riskin’s contributions to film and unique style, Scott emphasizes the extent of Riskin’s influence upon film as well as his ability to help broaden the reach of Hollywood cinema abroad.

In Robert Riskin, The Life and Times of a Hollywood Screenwriter is available for purchase via the University Press of Kentucky.