Marlene Dietrich: Photographs and Memories

An icon of the screen, Marlene Dietrich is remembered for more than her filmography. She was impactful far beyond the screen. Though her films still delight audiences today, the stories of people who knew her also work to promote her legacy.

In addition to the words and anecdotes surrounding Dietrich are also artifacts that serve to also tell her story in a visual way. Photographs documenting Dietrich traveling all over the world and meeting a wide variety of people better illustrate for us the influence that Dietrich held. Moreover, the detailed costumes she wore in films and beyond also depict a woman who was not only glamourous but also daring in her wardrobe choices.

In Marlene Dietrich: Photographs and Memories by Dietrich herself, Dietrich’s story is supplemented with memories of Dietrich. The book is also illustrated with portraits, photographs of her costumes and possessions, snapshots, and images of her at work. Moreover, the book goes on to feature her filmography, theatography, concertography, and discography, as well as information about collection inventory and exhibitions pertaining to Dietrich.

This book about Dietrich is a visual delight and one not to be missed by fans of Dietrich.

Marlene Dietrich: Photographs and Memories is available for purchase through the University Press of Kentucky.