Starstruck: My Unlikely Road to Hollywood

Leonard Maltin is a beloved figure in the film community, popular with fans of classic and contemporary film alike. A film historian, reviewer, and prolific author, Maltin’s prose is always honest and enjoyable to read.

This next work from Maltin, Starstruck: My Unlikely Road to Hollywood, certainly does not disappoint. In true Maltin fashion, readers are able to immerse themselves in his personal accounts and brushes with so many Hollywood notables throughout his career. Moreover, this book really portrays Maltin as an open book, with Maltin sharing memories from his early life, onward, fully depicting his interests in film and how he grew to become the film fan and “original Hollywood influencer” that he is today.

Guiding readers through a who’s who of Hollywood, Starstruck is special in that readers will learn more about Maltin’s own life and journey as a film historian, in addition to various exciting moments in his career. Maltin details encounters with Jimmy Stewart, Burt Reynolds, Clint Eastwood, Ginger Rogers, and many more throughout this delightful, inviting read. Additionally, readers will also learn of some of Maltin’s more current film-related endeavors, including his work with podcasts as well as Turner Classic Movies (TCM).

This memoir is highly recommended to any film fan–new or already familiar with Maltin’s works–and is sure to entertain as well as educate.

Starstruck: My Unlikely Road to Hollywood is available for purchase via GoodKnight Books.