Marcy McGuire

Marcy McGuire was an actress and singer who was already working in the entertainment industry by her teenage years. She was born on February 22, 1926, in Kansas City, Kansas, as Marilyn Jeanne McGuire, to film projectionist James McGuire and his wife, Annona. Her parents divorced during her childhood.

In the 1940s, McGuire’s mother remarried to vet Carroll F. Alexander. They lived in a Des Moines, Iowa, home, along with a housekeeper. There, she attended Roosevelt High School.

McGuire is first row, second from right, as Marilyn McGuire

Soon after, McGuire sang in nightclubs and signed with RKO Pictures and was cast in Seven Days’ Leave (1942) at the age of 16. Her bright, spunky personality shone through in additional film roles, including Higher and Higher (1942), Career Girl (1944), It Happened in Brooklyn (1947), and You Gotta Stay Happy (1948). RKO sporadically made use of her talent, typically casting her as a boy-crazy character. This is best evidenced in Higher and Higher, in which McGuire acts as a housemaid who swoons over Frank Sinatra. Sinatra portrays himself.

In September 1947, McGuire married actor Wally Cassell. Their marriage produced two children. McGuire and Cassell remained married until his passing at age 103.

McGuire also appeared in Jumping Jacks (1952) with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. After appearing in an uncredited role as a maid in Summer Magic (1963), McGuire retired from Hollywood.

McGuire passed away on August 7, 2021, in her Palm Desert, California, home. She was 95.

McGuire’s Kansas City home was located at 2503 N. 20th St., Kansas City, Kansas. The original home no longer stands.

McGuire’s next home exists today at 3937 Douglas Dr., Des Moines, Iowa.

Her alma mater, Roosevelt High School, stands at 4419 Center St., Des Moines, Iowa.

When McGuire passed, her residence was located at 681 Red Arrow Trl., Palm Desert, California. This home remains today.