Strangers in the Night

The love affair between Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner is one for the books–and we get an interesting fictitious retelling of their story in Strangers in the Night: A Novel of Frank Sinatra & Ava Gardner by Heather Webb. This novel is another fun foray into Hollywood historical fiction, showcasing the stories of Sinatra and Gardner–together and apart.

In reality, Sinatra and Gardner were already famous in their own ways prior to their romance. Gardner was a bombshell actress and Hollywood love goddess who was constantly publicized, while Sinatra had a public image as a crooner and family man despite being a playboy who drove his ardent bobby-soxer fans wild with his chart-toppers.

Webb’s novel offers a glimpse into the affection and tumult in the Sinatra-Gardner relationship, shifting through the perspectives of different characters. While the novel delves into the complex nature of their story and independent personals, this is an inviting, breezy read that is sure to entertain fans of historical fiction and classic Hollywood.

Strangers in the Night is available for purchase via HarperCollins.