Jean Gabin

Jean Gabin was a French actor and singer who thrived on screen. He was born to parents who were stage performers and would soon also express an interest in the entertainment industry. Gabin made his screen debut in the 1930s, soon becoming an international star, particularly excelling in film noirs.

When World War II dawned, Gabin spent time in the Allied forces and received various medals for his service. After the war, he returned to acting, and remained a spirited presence on the silver screen.

Joseph Harriss’s Jean Gabin: The Actor Who Was France captures the depth of Gabin’s personality and documents Gabin’s life thoroughly. Harriss delves into Gabin’s early life as a singer and dancer in Parisian music halls to his success as a film star. Harriss also details Gabin’s complicated persona, his military experience, and his relationships–including a long-term relationship with Marlene Dietrich. This book is sure to be enjoyed by fans of classic film as well as French cinema.

Jean Gabin: The Actor Who Was France is available for purchase via the University Press of Kentucky.