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Introducing the Busby Berkeley Blogathon!

Hometowns to Hollywood is thrilled to present its first official blogathon, entitled “The Busby Berkeley Blogathon.” Busby Berkeley was an American director and choreographer known for devising elaborate musical production numbers that often involved complex geometric patterns. His works used large numbers of showgirls and props as fantasy elements in kaleidoscopic on-screen performances. The Busby Berkeley Blogathon will run from January 25th through January 28th in 2018.

Rules and Information:

  • Bloggers are encouraged to write about any topic related to Busby Berkeley’s career and choreography in films.
  • Bloggers can feel free to write about a favorite Berkeley number, favorite stars who appear in his expertly-choreographed numbers, or any topic of interest that relates to Berkeley.
  • Because Berkeley had such a rich career and there are so many aspects of his work that are worth discussing. Where possible, try to avoid duplicate topics.
  • Bloggers will post their articles anytime between January 25th-28th and will alert me of the post either as a comment or through email.


  • If you would like to participate in the Busby Berkeley Blogathon, please comment below or email me and let me know your name, topic choice, and the link to your blog.
  • Please take one of the Busby Berkeley Blogathon banners and include it in your post. You can feel free to link the image back to this page.
  • Bloggers will also have the option of participating in an eBook at the end of this blogathon, with all proceeds going to the National Film Preservation Foundation.

List of Participants and Topics: 

I look forward to a fabulous Busby Berkeley Blogathon in January as we celebrate all things Berkeley!


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38 Responses to Announcements

  1. Phyl says:

    Put me down for the four films Berkeley did with Mickey and Judy 🙂
    Phyllis Loves Classic Movies

  2. Quiggy says:

    Can’t believe I’m the first person to sign up for a blogathon… I’ll cover Cabin in the Sky. Berkeley did a segment of it, but I will cover the whole movie, although I will spend a portion of it addressing Berkeley’s contribution.

  3. Michaela says:

    What a fabulous idea! I would love to write about Berkeley’s work with Esther Williams. Should be a wonderful blogathon!

  4. Hi, Annette! I’d love to write about “For Me and My Gal” (1942). 🙂
    My blog is
    I’d also love to contribute to the eBook you mentioned. When will I need to take care of that? Thanks!

    • Hi Meredith! All yours! With the ebook, I’ll basically need a Word doc of your article by, say, early February. I’ll reach out to participants with the details when we’re closer to the date. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Leticia says:

    Hi! This sounds like a fantastic event!
    I’d like to write about Busby Bekeley in color!
    I’m Leticia from the blog Critica Retro. I write bilingual posts – in both English and Portuguese.I’ll post it in both languages, and submit later the English one to the e-book… or we could talk later and I could translate all the entries to Portuguese!
    Thank you!

  6. i would love to write about Ruby Keeler flims with Busby Berkeley

  7. Melanie says:

    Hello, I’d like to write about Hollywood Hotel for LA Explorer ( Thanks!

  8. kelleepratt says:

    So exciting! May I write about his choreography in his musical numbers? “Busby Berkley’s Choreography: Geometric Goldmine”
    Fabulous idea! Thanks so much, Annette! … Kellee

  9. Ooh! Please put me down for “Dames” (1934). It’s a movie I’ve been wanting to see for a while.

    Your banners are beautiful.

  10. I would like to write about Footlight Parade for Old Hollywood FIlms. Thanks!

  11. Hi Annette, I was wondering if I could right a general article on some of my most favourite Busby Berkeley choreophies? I’m at The Wonderful World of Cinema!

  12. By the way, I wish you a lot of success for your first blogathon!

  13. I would like to do an entry about “Pettin’ in the Park” from “The Gold Diggers of 1933.”

  14. Hi Annette, I posted my entry a little early:

    This blogathon is going to be so much fun!

  15. Phyl says:

    Here’s my post! Looking forward to reading the other entries, and thanks for hosting!

  16. Huey says:

    ANNETTE!!! Here is the Gingerology link to the Gold Diggers of 1933 post! Hope you enjoy it! Please reply if anything else is needed – VKMfanHuey

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