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Program Description: Go behind the scenes of classic Hollywood history with Hometowns to Hollywood! Film Historian Dr. Annette Bochenek takes you on the road to visit the hometowns of classic Hollywood stars through her series of highly informative and engaging presentations. Annette’s experiences traveling to the hometowns of classic film stars bolster her discussions of the lives of the classic Hollywood elite, while celebrating their lives and legacies in their respective hometowns and beyond. Annette is thrilled to offer audiences this especially significant “walk” in the footsteps of Hollywood stars through photos, videos, and captivating stories.

“Hometowns to Hollywood” is sure to be an exciting experience for teens, adults, and seniors. Moreover, Annette can adapt her presentations to suit the interests of her audiences in the best way possible.

Click here to view the Hometowns to Hollywood Press Kit and List of Presentation Offerings

“Hometowns to Hollywood” presentations are delivered in one of two varieties:

  1. 60-minute Themed Presentation (60-min. presentation); virtual, hybrid, or in-person. This involves a multimedia presentation of the themed topic at hand. Presentations include photos, videos and/or audio clips. Optional memorabilia display offered at no additional cost.
  2. 60-minute Profile Presentation (60-min. presentation); virtual, hybrid, or in-personThis involves a multimedia presentation and discussion of an actor’s early years, career highlights, and later accomplishments, as well as a discussion of his/her hometown and legacy. Presentations include photos, videos and/or audio clips. Optional memorabilia display offered at no additional cost.

All programs are available either in-person or virtually. 

Biography: Dr. Annette Bochenek is an archivist, professor, film historian, and avid scholar of Hollywood’s Golden Age. She manages the “Hometowns to Hollywood” blog, in which she profiles her trips to the hometowns of classic Hollywood stars. She has been featured on Turner Classic Movies. Her articles have also appeared in Turner Classic Movies Backlot, Classic Movie Hub, Nostalgia Digest, The Dark Pages Film Noir Newsletter, and Chicago Art Deco Society Magazine.

26 Responses to Inquiries & Contact

  1. Scott Sounart says:

    Fantastic read, Annette. I was in Indiana, PA for a quick 30 minute visit for work, and at the last minute decided to read up on the town. Amazingly, I discovered the Jimmy story and found your article. I was able to get to his house and snap a couple of photos of my own. Incredible, in that other than the Jimmy Stewart street sign, you would have no idea of the house’s incredible history. I’ll be back to visit the museum for sure. Thank you for what you do. Scott

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  10. Ralph Bauer says:

    Hi Dr. Annette. I have an oil portrait of a Hollywood star that was done by the actor/painter Sig Arno in the 1950s. I have been trying to identify the star in the portrait without any luck. My thought is it may be Kathryn Grayson and she and Mr. Arno appeared together in The Toast of New Orleans in 1950. If you would be so kind, would like to send you some photos of the portrait and get your opinion. Thanks, Ralph Bauer

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  20. Hi Annette, I’d like to invite you to a blogathon I’ll be hosting next month. Would love to have you join us! Here is the info if you’re interested.

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  23. Linda C. Klein says:

    Annette, I just saw & heard your Zoom presentation on Scrooge. I mentioned the Redford Theatre in Detroit. They show almost exclusively old classic movies (although some are from the 1980s). They also have concerts and plays. They have an old theatre organ, which I think was the original one there, that was restored to original condition. What’s really cool is they sometimes have actors from the movie as guests, and they talk about what it was like to make the movie. Eddie Mueller (from TCM) has been there for the Film Noir weekend. Usually the celebrities have recently written a book that they sell there. Lots of history at the Redford Theatre. Here’s a link to their webpage:

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