Ida Lupino: A Biography

Ida Lupino was a woman of many talents, working as an actress, singer, director, and producer during Hollywood’s Golden Age. She appeared in many classic films before transitioning to a career behind the camera. Seeking to secure stronger and more challenging roles, she was inspired to explore the filmmaking process in more depth and soon founded an independent production company. Lupino went on to become a prolific talent of classic Hollywood.

Author William Donati celebrates Lupino’s life and legacy with Ida Lupino: A Biography. Expertly delving into Lupino’s life, career, successes, and challenges, Donati paints a portrait of Lupino’s complex and noteworthy work. Donati’s work is well-researched and supplemented with numerous interesting photographs of Lupino.

While much has been written about Lupino’s time in films, Donati’s work excels in also offering a fascinating discussion about her early life and background, offering readers a more thorough and informed understanding of how Lupino’s career was shaped by her previous experiences. This book is sure to be enjoyed by fans of classic film, particularly those curious about the women who helped shape Hollywood.

Ida Lupino: A Biography is available for purchase via the University Press of Kentucky.