Warrior Audrey Hepburn

While many will no doubt remember Audrey Hepburn as a beloved actress with a gentle but captivating film presence, off-screen, Hepburn gave of herself even more. A philanthropist and humanitarian, Hepburn emphatically prioritized service, helping others, and working hard to make the world a better place.

In Robert Matzen’s Warrior Audrey Hepburn, Matzen devotes this entire book to Hepburns efforts as a humanitarian. Following his initial biography about Hepburn entitled Dutch Girl: Audrey Hepburn and World War II, Matzen takes on the next phase of Hepburn’s life. Published by GoodKnight Books and coupled with a foreword from one of Hepburn’s children (Luca Dotti), Matzen’s book offers a fascinating portrayal of Hepburn’s selfless nature.

Though Hepburn’s on-screen characters were poised, confident, and sometimes carefree, Hepburn’s early life was filled with challenges. She was a World War II survivor and dedicated herself to working for peace. In addition, she was an activist for refugees, advocate for people in need, and a passionate environmentalist. Working towards any one of these challenges is a massive undertaking in and of itself, but Hepburn worked tirelessly on so many fronts, feeling a sense of purpose in these endeavors.

Matzen’s book beautifully depicts Hepburn in this exceptional exploration of her humanitarian work. While supplemented by gorgeous color photos, Matzen’s narrative wonderfully captures a side of Hepburn that commercial films could not.

Warrior Audrey Hepburn is available for purchase via GoodKnight Books.