The Hollywood Gangsters Blogathon


Introducing the Hollywood Gangsters Blogathon!

Hometowns to Hollywood is excited to present its third official blogathon, entitled “The Hollywood Gangsters Blogathon.” This blogathon will explore the darker side of Hollywood plot lines, focusing on classic gangster films. This group of films offers many iconic characters, memorable stories, and dramatic scenes that are grounded in a harsh reality.

The Hollywood Gangsters Blogathon will run from May 6th through May 8th in 2019.

Rules and Information:

  • Bloggers are encouraged to write about any topic related to classic Hollywood gangster films.
  • Bloggers can feel free to write about a favorite character from a gangster film, as favorite star who appeared in gangster films, an overview of a full gangster film,  or any topic of interest that relates to classic gangster films.
  • There are many aspects of classic gangster films that are worth discussing. Where possible, try to avoid duplicate topics.
  • Bloggers will post their articles anytime between May 6th-8th and will alert me of the post either as a comment or through email.


  • If you would like to participate in the Hollywood Gangsters Blogathon, please comment below or email me and let me know your name, topic choice, and the link to your blog.
  • Please take one of the Hollywood Gangsters Blogathon banners and include it in your post. You can feel free to link the image back to this page.

List of Participants and Topics: 

I look forward to a fabulous Hollywood Gangsters Blogathon in May!



9 Responses to The Hollywood Gangsters Blogathon

  1. I would like to contribute a piece on Charlie Chan on Broadway (1937). The Inspector is in New York where he comes up against a powerful mob desperate to keep their secrets.

  2. Ill take The Roaring Twenties for Old Hollywood Films

  3. Hi I would love to write an article on Mean Streets, Scorsese’s first real film.

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