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The Biopic Blogathon is Here!


Introducing The Biopic Blogathon!

Classic Hollywood has had its fair share of biopics–the good, the bad, and the ugly. From chemists to composers, authors to actors, fictitious to factual, and more, there is much to explore in this genre. Moreover, the genre is still going strong today.

Hometowns to Hollywood is excited to present its sixth official blogathon, entitled “The Biopic Blogathon.” This blogathon will focus upon biopics of all kinds, whether they stem from the wide breadth of biopics created during Hollywood’s Golden Age or paying tribute to it from a more modern perspective. These biopic entries need not focus upon individuals involved in the entertainment industry, though there are certainly many biopics to choose from that cover these individuals!

Join Hometowns to Hollywood for this examination of various biopics by sharing your articles about a biopic of choice. In the end, when all articles are compiled, we’ll have a lovely list of biopics to pursue.

The Biopic Blogathon will run from September 30th through October 2nd in 2021. Please check this page often, as it will be updated frequently with article submissions throughout the course of the blogathon.

Rules and Information:


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Day 3 Entries:

Enjoy the Biopic Blogathon!